Instagram Obsession

When you try a new series of art work that them becomes an obsession. Photographing Abstract Reflection has become that obsession for me. Follow us on Instagram at

Join the Amazing Instagram Family

Since the beginning of 2021, I have wanted to not only spread the Sword of my own via Seashorepics, but have wanted to see amazing photos flood my screens on a daily basis. It has been a slow but steady journey building up the Instagram communities. We choose a photo a day and repost itContinue reading “Join the Amazing Instagram Family”

The most Instagrammable Isle

It has been officially announced that the beautiful Isle of Wight has been announced the most instagrammable Isle. The Isle of Wight has so much to offer, from sandy beaches to cliffs, from fossils to a zoo. I live on the South coast so have had the opportunity to visit the Isle o Wight mayContinue reading “The most Instagrammable Isle”