From recent years

A collection of photos by us over the past few years. You can get involved with Seashorepics via our Instagram family РJoin the Amazing Instagram Family

Instagram Obsession

When you try a new series of art work that them becomes an obsession. Photographing Abstract Reflection has become that obsession for me. Follow us on Instagram at

Clothing for Summer

Ever since I studied at Central Saint Martins I have always had an interest in clothing, fashion and fabric. I am now able to combine my photographic interest with my interest in fabric design clothing in by designing clothing. I like the idea of creating completely different garments, that highlight areas, e.g. a sleeve orContinue reading “Clothing for Summer”

Abstract Art clothing

I have recently being working on a body of work all connected by the subject Abstract Reflection Photography. I have found it difficult during lockdown to stay inspired and have found going back to subjects that interested me during my time at Central Saint Martins has really helped. I have always had an interested inContinue reading “Abstract Art clothing”

A mug for colour

Full of vibrant colour, range created from my abstract Reflection work. Helping to spread a bit of colour this spring. I have always been interested in the simple designs, that involve block colours, especially the work by Roy Lichtenstein. So I have created a simple mug range in a range of colours.

Reflection Art Photography

Reflection is the change in direction of a wavefront at an interface between two different media so that the wavefront returns into the medium from which it originated. Common examples include the reflection of light, sound and water waves.¬†Wikipedia I have always found creating an image an interesting process, be it via a camera lensContinue reading “Reflection Art Photography”

Creative Photgraphy

During these very difficult times, with Covid-19 and lockdown, I have had to change like so many other people. I feel my photograph has need to develop and become more creative, seeing a new image in the everyday image, focus on a different element and create a unique image. The problem with photography now aContinue reading “Creative Photgraphy”