Daily Stroll

Walking around my the City I live in, Chichester, looking at the Cathedral and day dreaming at the Canal. Learn more about this location: Chichester Other linked Posts: Chichester cathedral & Parish church, Tulips with Chichester Cathedral, Chichester Canal, Chichester Cathedral

Chichester Cathedral & Parish Church

Chichester Cathedral is a classic Norman building with its round arch windows and west facing twin towers. The cathedral’s history dates back to 681 when Saint Wilfred brought Christianity to Sussex. He established a Cathedral in Selsey, near Chichester. In 1076 work on building the present cathedral was begun. The stone for the cathedral wasContinue reading “Chichester Cathedral & Parish Church”

Chichester Canal

The Chichester Canal is a navigable canal in England. It runs 4.5 miles from the sea at Birdham on Chichester Harbour to Chichester through two locks. The canal was opened in 1822 having taken three years to build. When completed the canal could take ships of up to 100 tons.¬†Wikipedia Visit the Chichester Canal websiteContinue reading “Chichester Canal”

Tulips with Chichester Cathedral

Tulips form a genus of spring-blooming perennial herbaceous bulbiferous geophytes. The flowers are usually large, showy and brightly colored, generally red, pink, yellow, or white. They often have a different colored blotch at the base of the tepals, internally.¬†Wikipedia If you like this photo, please see what items are available: Tulips and Chichester Cathedral ReadContinue reading “Tulips with Chichester Cathedral”

Chichester Cathedral

Chichester Cathedral, formally known as the Cathedral Church of the Holy Trinity, is the seat of the Anglican Bishop of Chichester. It is located in Chichester, in Sussex, United Kingdom. It was founded as a cathedral in 1075, when the seat of the bishop was moved from Selsey. Chichester Cathedral has fine architecture in both the Norman and the Gothic styles, and has been described byContinue reading “Chichester Cathedral”