Morning Boats

Selsey Fishing Boats

Selsey in West Sussex is a small seaside village which has a few fishing boats, the boats go out at about 6am during the sunrise. I like trying to capture not only the sunrise but also activity.

I love being by the sea, when it is just the soft general sound of the waves and the noise of the boats getting ready to set sail.

SB-20/03 – 01 – Selsey Fishing Boats
S-20/03 – 01 – Sunrise
S-20/03 – 02 – Sunrise
SB-20/03 – 02 – Selsey Fishing Boats
S-20/03 – 03 – Sunrise
SB-20/03 – 03 – Selsey Fishing Boats
SB-20/03 – 04 – Selsey Fishing Boats
S-20/03 – 04 – Sunrise
SB-20/03 – 05 – Selsey Fishing Boats
S-20/03 – 05 – Sunrise
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